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Hello welcome to my tumblr! My name is Jessica and I enjoy creating Sims & pets. I also reblog cc for Sims 2 and Sims 3.

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UPDATE: New Sims up for download !


Newsea Luxury

  • Female, All Ages
  • Original By: Newsea
  • Custom Thumbnail
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[OneDrive: Download]


Madison - Little Farm



The Legacy House - By:Sims3time

2,200 Follower Gift

So for a long time i’ve said I was going to release a new large traditional styled house and finally here it is! This giant house comes complete with 7 bedrooms , 8 bathrooms , a basement area , a gym , a pool , and a mini barn in the backyard. It is completely unfurnished.

You will need all Ep’s installed for this house , although i’m pretty sure I didn’t use any ITF stuff. 




As per usual do whatever you’d like with this house just please do not claim it as your own. 

Thank you and Enjoy!



ABERDEEN - An early early early version of my first ever world.

Not gonna lie this has been a super fun project that I really enjoyed and will most likely continue to do in the future. As for this world and this version it is a SUPER early version , so if you’re looking for a perfect world with no bugs… this might not be for you. This is essentially a version for people to test and then tell me about any bugs so that I can fix em :D ok? So please keep that in mind , this world is in Alpha lol. Please excuse the crappy thumbnail. Also , once the world is relatively bug free i’ll release a save with the rabbit holes on it :D woo

[ D O W N L O A D ]


Modern Retreat - By Sims3time. 1 800 Follower Gift

Hello hello , today I give you a modern house fit for any family. Come equipped with 3 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms , an in foundation basement , swimming pool , and 2 car garage. This house is completely Unfurnished, I may upload a furnished version in the future, not sure.


I had all EP’s installed while building this house except for Seasons and Supernatural. Also the Modern Living stuff pack thing… the first one. :D There should be no store content.. I think.. heehee


Do whatever you’d like with the house just please do not claim it as your own :) Thank you.

In these shots I have the house placed in the world St.Manolia by Minasavenue and it’s on the only 50X50 residential lot there is. You can get the world HERE

Thank you and Enjoy!



This set contains:

1 Default eyelash & teeth & anti EAliptexture file (work with Sasha)

Skin-“Fresh-Aisa” (All age, all gender, 2048 body map)

Skin-“Weak-Frekle” (Fix version,Teen-Elder, all gender, 1024 body map)

Skin-“Weak-Asia” (Fix version,all age,all gender, 1024 body map)

more pics and info:


Lake Saunders by aloleng

A 2 bedroom, 3 toilet and bath lake house, barbeque area, living room, kitchen and dining area.



Contemporary Abode 4 by Pralinesims



Southbridge - By Sims3time

Hello! Here it is another world by me , not a lot to say really. This is a desert island world , on a small map. A lot of the lots are weird sizes and don’t fit a lot of the rabbit holes so using the rugs might be easier , I kinda built this world with the intention of building all the buildings cause im a builder… that was too many “builds” in one sentence..

This world has 51 lots including some lots you could use as houseboat ports if you know how to set em up. Although there’s not a lot of boating room. 


Please do not re-upload or claim as your own , and if you use this world and take some pics tag me if ya wanna :D sims3time.

Thank you and enjoy!

[ D O W N L O A D ]

I just wanted to let you guys know. I’m still settling with my new laptop so no new Sims yet but it should be soon. Oh also I have a new personal tumblr. I really needed one, just a place I can express everything I love and admire. I only started it today actually


Margay by sparky2000 on Flickr.


Kids Room by Granny Zaza

Download HERE


Bakery and pastry shop-LUCY  by JarkaD


JarkaD Sims 3 Blog


Teeter by Granny Zaza. Function as a high chair
Download HERE


Nerds R Us

Lot Size: 30x20

The left building is a comic book store with arcade machines and bowling in the basement. The right building is a coffee shop with dance studio above it. I have all EPs and have probably used stuff from each. I also used a lot of stuff from the Movie SP in the comic book store.


You can check this this post for the windows, siding pattern and roof. The rest is just decor items from the store and are not really necessary. Although, feel free to ask me WCIFs for them. I answer all anon messages on a Sunday, even WCIFs, so if you need to know now, please ask me off of anon :)

TOU: Do not reupload, claim as your own or put on paysites.

Download: Mega