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Learn something new, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. SO. This is a 75 (+) followers gift. I have no idea how I got 75 people following me, but I’m seriously grateful. 

This is technically a row house, so you can plop several of them down next to each other, change the exterior wall color and BOOM. Row houses. It’s on a 1X3 lot which was shrunk with the Lot Adjuster.

Caveats: You cannot edit the outside walls along the sides or the roof, or the lot won’t work as intended (and you won’t be able to fix it without expanding it, fiddling with the constrainfloorelevation cheat, and then re-shrinking it—after doing just this numerous times today, I can tell you that it is not fun, so it’s best to leave it as it is). If you move the stairs, you won’t be able to get them along an outside wall without doing the above. Moving them farther in is ok. I did not place windows along the sides because it’s a row house and would not have them. But you CAN place them if you want to. 

The front windows are supposed to be Nengi’s long Sea and Surf windows, but they wouldn’t package with the lot and I got tired of futzing with it. It looks fine as is, but if you have Nengi’s windows, feel free to slap them on there. 

Minimal CC, but please use Clean Installer. I have all EP’s and SP’s.

The lot costs $52564.

The garden is completely decorated, but the interior is not. I placed some furniture so that you have an idea of where I was envisioning things going, but that’s it. I used all Maxis furniture. It bugs me when I download a lot and I have to spend an hour deleting crap, but maybe that’s just me. Again, tired of futzing with this lot. I may upload a fully decorated version later. 

Let me know if you have any problems and I hope you like the lot!

Here you go: Download


Moar skies — now for you!

In honour of this little project I made a livejournal download post. The pictures have already appeared here on tumblr, but now you can go and download it to place in your own neighbourhoods. Yay!


If you want to comment, see you over there! Would love to see what you do with them too :)


Ashe shared various items over at GoS :)


SpaceDoll shared a couple of coffee bean bags at GoS :3


Luasims shared two sets of object recolors at their LJ :)


Mustluvcatz shared a set to build your own built in hutch :)


HystericalParoxysm shared two sets of dresses (the Bella one however is a top and bottom put together to make a dress) here and here :)



What would one of my followers gifts be without some terrains, these ones were made with holiday destinations in mind, mainly Cornwall (Brightbutter) and the Lake District (Woodwyn), both beautiful places that I 10/10 would recommend you go.

Brightbutter (can be seen in this post)


Surrounded by sea, with little bits of land in the middle to break up the blue abyss (and to make use of pretty water floors), got plenty of mountains for goats farming deco, too. Has a small cliff area up top, which due to weathering will probably cease to exist in several generations. 



Mountainous, very mountainous. Situated at the end of one of the tributaries of the nearby lake. Plenty of room to make a quaint fishing neighbourhood, or a mountain holiday destination. There’s even room for Bigfoot on his own little plot of land across the river!


444 FOLLOWERS GIFT PART 1/2 - Easy Buildings

Ever want to build a city-esque setting but can’t be bothered to go in and out of your game to resize the buildings in the LotAdjuster? No? Just me then…

I made these a while ago for when I can’t be bothered to load my game 800 times in an hour because nothing lining up properly. This is a set of 18 community lots, on both one and two-tile lots, that line up perfectly to create a city setting! They come in three different stories, also.


I use these with threadandsandpaper’s stackable lot tutorial, which they work well with as long as you do not raise the building on top by any higher that 16-clicks. Otherwise you’ll get a small gap, that I don’t mind, but others might.

On the corner lots and the middle lots there are extra tiles, like these:

These are to make placing windows on the upper floors a piece of cake, once the windows are placed, simply activate the moveobjects on cheat and delete them!



I hope someone finds these helpful, let me know if they are any problems and remember to backup your game before downloading and using! Oh, and sorry, if these have already been done!!


Nabila shared a gift they made for a CiJ-event at GoS what must be atleast two years ago at their Tumblr :D


Keoni converted three dresses for TS2 as part of a request over at GoS :)


Hair fix and re-texture up over at MTS ^_^


300 Followers Gift!

Here’s a quick download for you guys as a followers gift, which I just want to take a moment and thank everyone for the notes, and comments. I really appreciate it. :)

Anyways I have recolored the BG Valuewood’s “Justa Door” in all 40 of CuriousB’s Colors.

  • Zipped
  • Labeled Colors
  • Swatch Included
Feel free to delete any colors you’d like. :)


Edit: It’s possible that you may need CEP.

Edit: Also recolors Valuewood’s “Justa Festive” Door (HDS) & Valuewood’s “Justa Arch” (BG).