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Remi’s edit of Leh’s eyes on Anva’s sclera.

Download custom

Download geneticised and townified

Defaults coming soon (still testing those). Credits go to Leh and Remi


hi i love this mesh so i made some recolors

mesh by amaryll, colors are by curious b there are 6 recolors and all of them are owls bc owls are cool. swatch included and labeled and mesh is also included.



Pet Store “Happy Furry Friends”. Make your furry friend happier! :D It is also the first pet store in the world that looks like a flower store!

Lot size: 2x1

Note: There are several recolours of windows and flowers that I couldn’t delete because something strange happened to my packager and it gives me empty packages when I’m sorting recolours.. Use Clean Installer, please. And also remove two “red packages” from the file. I’m really sorry that I can’t do it myself, but I’m trying to solve this problem. So, if there will be another problems with installing, please, send me message. Enjoy!



First part of the polo-project. I`m converting misomosos polos for female teens-elders. Hope you enjoy!

Download: dropbox

Originals here.


Another part of the polo-project. These are misomosos line-polos with and without tees. Comes in three colors, and ages teen-elder.

Download: dropbox

Originals here.


+100 followers gift!

I wanted to do this sooner. I mean, right now I’m in 118 followers exactly, but… I guess it’s better later than never! It was Simminginthetardis who asked for the outfit her Eighth Doctor is wearing in The night of the Doctor. I like to share, so here you go!

Download here.

Boring stuff:

  • This is an AM outfit and it comes packaged as everyday, formal and outside wear
  • The mesh is by Besen and is included. You don´t have to worry to find it ;) 
  • Please do not claim as your own and no paysites. Credit is always nice.

As usual, if you  find this usefull, please tag me! I’d love to see this in your game :D 

If there’s any problem, please send me a message. 



To all my followers giving me supporting and all who enjoy/reblog/comment my sims my genuine thanks. I have a special gift for you. Hope you like.
Download Emily Browning | Extra pic 


So, somebody asked for a guide on how I make my fake ponds. It’s actually very easy! Click the pictures for a more detailed description of the process. Whoops, text is not showing up. I hope the pictures are clear enough.

You can also place decks on top of the pond, but you can’t place fences underneath the deck. I recommended using Buggybooz’s lowest flower border to circumvent the problem.

Dark concrete floors by Misstiikeri. Any other dark floors will do fine as well, but I really like this one.

Reflective floors and walls by Murano.

Hope this might prove helpful to some other simmers out there who are unsatisfied with the in-game ponds. Maybe one day I will discover a way to make straight canals, so I can finally build some Amsterdam inspired streets.


[AlliCat] Set Of SummerDress

  • Available only for girls
  • 3 Texture
  • Mesh by Me [New Mesh]
  • Not Recolorable
  • Only .sims3pack
  • Model: Allison Harvard [Thanks girls for testing my dress, ILU]


If you use this dress, please tag “AlliCatStuff”

Enjoy in your Game ;)


Meshing clothing sims3 by FURIENTAL


Modeling mesh after Janie and Jack clothes, using Maya and Milkshape for all the dress mesh and assign the bone with TSRW and dress’s texture with photoshop.


Download >

Hi guys, I had some people ask me for Farrow’s hair colors, so I thought I’d just upload that one plus some I recently idk made or whatever :] 

Download: MEGA

(Source: plumblobs)


Island Paradise objects made base game compatible

36 items made base game compatible. Thumbnails of all items are included in the “individual objects” download.  Click below for the full list and download links.

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Another day, another wee gift! Newsea belladonna retextured. :’)

For YF/AF, with my AS control and blended texture: credits go to and filterforge for hair texture stock and aWT for the control action. Usual TOU applies; lease do not use my textures without my consent! :)


DROPBOX MEGA BOX (.package only)


High sky dress by Bill Sims


Bill Sims