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I made over a sim for TBTO’s summer challenge (go check it out if you havn’t :D) and it comes with a 3t2-conversion and re-texture of SkySims 231 ^_^


Finally done procrastinating, got the strenght to get ingame and take a couple of snapshots.

I bring you Newsea Innocent, alpha edited to remove wisps and a strand that was supposed to ‘sit’ on the shoulder but would clip through instead, also retextured in Pooklet’s V3

The colours included are Flashpowder/Depthcharge/Molotov/Volatile Isis/Misato/Rei/Asuka Shinji, Caim and Timebomb. Everything is binned and familied except the last 3 which are just binned properly. Elders go gray and the mesh is included for convenience :3

Credits: Pooklet, Io, Lilith, Digitalangels for the actions/textures, Newsea for the mesh, me for the alpha edit. 



OSS brings you the iPhone 5S in Gold. This is a recolor of the iPhone 5s that was made recolorable. Get the mesh here

Download: Box | Mediafire

Credits: BinoMaus, CEP | Photo in Game | (no af)


Request by crave-for-a-rave

MEADHAM KIRCHHOFF SS14 skirt and top, meshes by me/catofevilgenius and hystericalparoxysm included. 



Here is the other part of the teenversion of the pushup-set! Mesh by skell, and textures by amaryll and maxis. Seven colors.

Download: dropbox

Original university-underwear by Amaryll here, and af pushup here.


I made you some beddings yesterday, with an apocalyptic touch. May somebody find them needed. Three colors, and swatch (as showed) is included.

Download: dropbox


Here is the first part of the tf-version of the pushup-set. This is amarylls lacy lingerie on a pushup-mesh by skell for teens. Skell made me the mesh today, and I am very thankfull! You will recieve the next part tonight. There are three colors included.

Download: dropbox

Original by Amaryll here, and af-pushup here.

Edit: Updated download-link using dropbox instead of direct.


100 Followers Gift!!!!! Thanks so much for all your support and kind comments! You are all amazing!

Sofa and lamp Mesh are from Mysticrain

Pillows are also from Mysticrain

Rug is from Openhousejack

Sideboard is from Ninthwave Sims

Wallpaper is included (Found under Wallpaper Tab)

Rest of clutter is not included.


160+ followers

Thanks so much to everyone! A small gift to all my awesome followers and my great friends. Hope you enjoy ❤

Emma Watson

I think she is very beautiful fleur. You did a wonderful job <3.



Jessi Trumpet Sims:

Hello everyone, I bring you a Sim I’ve been wanting to share for a bit now. This is Amerie, I tried to go for an exotic Arabic look for her and a lot of gold. I just love her and I hope that you enjoy her in your game also.

(All meshes are included with Amerie and in game picture above.)

Download:          A m e r i E

Jessi makes awesome sims. Check on her tumblr. Love them 

Fleur Sims, you’re so sweet <3. Your comment warmed my heart, thank you. I also love your Sims darling.

Fleur Sims creates beautiful Sims. So go check out her tumblr <3. 


Followers Request Gift Part 1

[SEMLLER] Jeffrey_Campbell_4evz for YA/A Female

  • 4 Recolourable channels
  • Mesh and textures by me
  • Requires OMSP to be lifted above ground

DOWNLOAD : Dropbox / Mediafire

Don’t reupload and claim as your own.
You may convert only to other Sims games with credit.
Please tag #Semller if you use my creations.


Followers Request Gift Part 2

[SEMLLER] Converse_High_Tops for YA/A Male/Female

  • 4 Recolourable channels
  • Mesh and textures by me

DOWNLOAD : Dropbox / Mediafire

Don’t reupload and claim as your own.
You may convert only to other Sims games with credit.
Please tag #Semller if you use my creations.


Pure Skin Natural DEFAULT by Pralinesims

Fully handpainted skintone for your sims. Give them a new look!

DEFAULT SKINTONE: This means, it will overwrite the default EA skin.

- Powdery matte and skinlike finish

- Soft glow for a realistic texture

- Delicate lips, not dry looking

- With pores for a natural look

- Bones are visible, but not too harsh

- Fits perfect with muscle sliders



LeahLillith Brass Earrings



Modern Kindle by aloleng

A 2 bedroom house with office, large living room, balcony at the 2nd floor, kitchen, dining area a pool and a covered parking space. Keeping everything simple and elegant.